Decorating with Portraits

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[Editor's Note: I almost never buy new frames. Why would you when a quick trip to the thrift store, flea market of neighbor's garage sale can usually land you a frame for a fraction of the price. When Kristin from Capturing Joy spotted a framed portrait of a topless lady about to be eaten by hungry lion she fell in love. Not with the painting, but with the frame. She knew with her trained up-cycling eye that the frame was just a can of spray paint and a few family photos away from being the perfect addition to her home office. - Jen]

Repurposed giant frame~Decorating with Portraits

Kristin chatted about her inspiration behind the giant frame:  "Little by little, I’m making my office a place to inspire me and make me feel happy when I am tapping away on my computer. I love to see the faces of my sweet children staring at me, and occasionally reminding me to get off the computer when they are home, and close my office doors. ”

Repurposed giant frame~Decorating with Portraits


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