How Disney World Convinced Me I Love My Kids Enough

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[Editor's Note: Did you ever have a moment -- or a day or a week -- during which you wondered if you loved your kids enough? Marty at Don't Take the Repeats had that thought, wondered if she loved enough. Then she lost her son at Disney World. She knows the answer now. -Jenna]

Deep Enough:

Poncho We found Christopher surrounded by young female Disney employees who were reading him books and watching Lady and the Tramp with him. He had his own stuffed Mickey Mouse and only started crying when he saw his mama come running towards him, sobbing.

I did. I sobbed. Big, heaving sobs. The fifteen minutes that he was separated from me and I had no actual control over whether or not I ever saw him again? That quarter of an hour tore my heart to shreds. I wasn't panicked; I was devastated.


Photo Credit: mjhagen.

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