Depression and Drugs: A Trend in Beauty Blogging?

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Editor's Note: xoJane -- a site created by the founder of Sassy magazine and targeted to young women -- has been the subject of controversy time and again, mostly due to the antics of its health and beauty editor, Cat Marnell. When Marnell and the site parted ways, it was speculated that this had to do with her drug use and psychological instability. The new xoJane editor quickly settled any arguments about what direction xoJane planned to take, however, with a post titled: "GREETINGS FROM THE RABBIT HOLE: Beauty Products For When Depression Eats You Alive." Is depression and self-destruction the new black? Megan McIntyre at Refinery29 analyzes the situation -- and what it says about us. -- AVF

We get the appeal of perfumes and gloss, but it seems like all things pretty are more compelling to seriously unhappy girls. Putting our psychoanalyst's hat on for a moment, maybe it's because they feel so turbulent on the inside that they like the sense of control primping gives them. [Former health and beauty editor at xoJane, Cat] Marnell went so far as to shamelessly tell Jezebel that she "threw up every day because [she] was afraid of getting fat," in reference to her time spent in rehab. That is so depressing that we really don't have words to convey how sad it makes us.

Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt. (Flickr)

Beauty — in our eyes — is a way to make yourself feel good on the inside and out. It shouldn't be something you immerse yourself in to hide your constant fear and loathing.

But even amid her downward spiral, Cat was still the most-read writer on the site, according to SAY Media, the parent company of xoJane. So let's turn the tables here for a minute and ask what that says about us. If everyone is so terribly uncomfortable with this kind of self-destructive behavior, then why were so many of us reading Cat's posts?

Read the whole post at Refinery29 here.

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