[Trigger Alert] Did Daniel Tosh's "Rape Joke" Warrant An Apology?

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[Editor's Note: Comics should really stop engaging audience members at The Laugh Factory. As you've probably heard, Daniel Tosh stepped in it this week when he responded to a woman in his audience who reportedly called out "rape jokes are never funny" while Tosh was on stage. The comic later tweeted out an apology.

Molly at Mama Pop makes the case that Tosh shouldn't have ever apologized at all, and she's formulated a pretty solid argument. What do you think? --Morgan]

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The whole point of wildly inappropriate or upsetting humor is to get us closer to ugly things.  To take away the shroud around ugly things so we can talk about said ugly things.  To apologize for using rape jokes to battle a heckler/protester means you aren’t backing up the joke that got you heckled/protested in the first place.  Daniel Tosh: apologizing implies that you weren’t trying to make a point that terrible things are joke-able because no one loves terrible things (rape, dead babies, mushed kittens, Creed).  You weren’t trying to shed light.  Apologizing implies that you lost control.  That maybe deep down you meant it—I have to believe you didn’t mean it, because I need to sleep.  Apologizing, for me, is the jackass nail in the rape joke coffin.

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