Did West Point and Annapolis Ignore Allegations of Rape? Two Young Women File A Federal Lawsuit

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[Editor's note: This morning when I read about Karley Marquet and Annie Kendzior, it made me sick. I couldn’t help but think of my 19- year-old daughter, and the abuse she’d probably take if it were her. And our appalling inability or refusal to confront rape. On Friday Marquet and Kendzior filed a lawsuit against West Point and Annapolis, claiming when they were students at the esteemed military academies they were raped. They also accused the top brass--including the secretaries of the Army and Navy--of being “personally responsible” for “failing to prevent rapes and sexual assaults” at the schools. Kyra Phillips and Jessi Joseph recall what happened at CNN.com.—Mona]

Marquet remembered investigators meeting with her parents about her case. "They promised my parents that if he wasn't going to jail, they could at least get him kicked out of West Point with the evidence they had," she said. But both women said their alleged perpetrators were never punished and are still in the military.

Marquet and Kendzior are not alone. Reports of sexual assault at West Point, the Naval Academy and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, are up nearly 60 percent, and according to the Department of Defense, of the 65 reports investigated, only one resulted in a court-martial.

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Credit Image: Official US Navy Imagery

Read more from Betrayal of Trust? Allegations of rape at West Point, Annapolis at CNN.com


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