Did You Have Fun vs. Did You Love Well

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[Editor's Note: Have you ever had one of those "Parenting Revelation Bombs"? Laura Parker at Life Overseas recently shared something she learned about the questions we ask our children when they responded negatively after spending the day serving others. She changed up the question after hearing their whines when she asked them about their own personal fun -- and I might just have to change the questions I ask my kids. -Jenna]

Why "Did You Have Fun" Is the Wrong Question:

a heartWe waved goodbye out the window as the gate was closed behind us, and I asked my three kids in the backseat, “Well, did you have fun?

And, immediately, my son started in– “I didn’t like the food. And they wouldn’t play with me much. And I didn’t get to play soccer. And those dogs were there.” {I assumed that was a “no.”}

Deflate Mother-Dreams-of-Kids-Serving-the-World Balloon.

But, then, I asked {well, fired-back} a different question, “Well, did you love well?”


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