Did You Watch the Super Bowl or Watch it on Twitter?

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[Editor's Note: I actually watched (though didn't understand) the Super Bowl last night, but I take in a lot of events like Pam-a-Rama Ding Dong, reading about them on Twitter. Who the hell needs to watch the game when you can read the commentary, which tends to be a lot more entertaining. --Mel]

I still feel like I was part of it. Facebook. Twitter. Here is what I learned about the Super Bowl from social media, without watching it at all:

It was a hell of a game.

The Giants won. Some people were pissed or sad. Some people were psyched. Lots of people hated both teams and were only watching for the commercials.

Some good commercials were: Samsung, Chevy, Clydesdales, Doritos.

The Ferris Bueller commercial met with mixed reviews. People loved it, but felt like sell-outs for loving it.

Something Clint Eastwood did made people cry.

There is some guy named Eli, and he is Peyton Manning’s little brother, and apparently he does not wear a mouth guard.

So did you watch the game last night, or did you watch via Twitter?

Credit Image: © Chad Ryan/Cal Sport Media/ZUMAPRESS.com

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