The Difference When You're Expecting Your Fourth

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As I'm only parenting two kids, I can't speak to the truth of what Amy at The Lawyer Mom shared in a recent post. I'd like moms of four (or more!) kids to chime in about how people treat you when your fourth kid is on the way. I want to find moms expecting their fourth baby now and shower them with love and presents... and not my dirty dishes!

She shares her experience:

UntitledWhich brings me to my point: Being pregnant with your fourth child is vastly different from being pregnant with your first.

A first pregnancy is a special, magical time where you’re surrounded by solicitous friends and relatives who throw you parties, ask how you’re feeling, and admonish you for emptying your own dishwasher.

By the time you’re pregnant with your fourth child, people bring their dirty dishes to your house and ask you to hand wash them.

There are no parties, no constant yet endearing inquiries about your health, no prenatal massages. The first pregnancy prompts reactions like, “Oh, you’re pregnant! Congratulations!” The fourth baby makes people frown and say things like, “Well, I guess it’ll be nice having an even number.”


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