Saltwater Fish vs. Kids: Which Are Easier to Raise?

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Editor's Note: We had a fish tank before we had kids. It was just a freshwater tank, which is supposed to be easy to maintain. Every single one of those fish died, either by killing each other or for reasons unknown. We gave up on fish and switched to kids, both of whom are alive right now. I laughed as I read Jennifer's post at Another Jennifer as she discussed whether it's easier to raise saltwater fish or kids. I know my answer; what's yours? -Jenna

The Difference Between Raising Kids and Saltwater Fish:

1. Kids are far more resilient than saltwater fish.
If you don’t know what’s involved with raising saltwater fish, let me school you. (See what I did there?) There are a lot of things you need to keep track of, including the salinity and temperature of the water, lighting, pH, nitrates, aeration and filtration. You also have to consider what type of fish, coral, invertebrates, rock and sand you introduce. You can kill your brand new $50 fish if you don’t introduce it into the tank correctly, don’t give it enough space or if you pair it with the wrong fish. Did I mention everything is alive – including the sand and the rock – in a saltwater fish tank? You can lose everything if the electricity goes out long enough. Kids, on the other hand, are pretty easy to keep alive. Advantage: Kids

Saltwater Fish
Credit: cfavero.

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