Ditching the 'What's Next?' Mindset

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We are all trained to aspire to a life that's bigger, better and more, more, more stuff. But what about appreciating what you have right now? Being happy and grateful for today's riches instead of always dreaming of what's next? This wise blogger gives it a go:

"I spent a lot of time when I was a kid and a teenager wishing I was older. I wasn't very happy, and wanted to fast-forward to a time when I would hopefully be happy. I used to think things like 'When I'm skinny, I'll be happier', or 'When I get married I'll be happy'. Both of which were sort of true, but only because they catalyzed other changes in my life. And now I'm most definitely not skinny, and the happiest I've ever been. Who knew? So I've arrived at Happiness and Contentment, and I'm cool to let things be. To experience time as it goes by, without expectations or speeding up to the Next Big Thing."


Happy Woman


Image credit: s4n8eep via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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