Painted Silhouettes for Mother's Day

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[Editor's Note: Suzanne from Bebehblog was not thinking Mother's Day when she painted these giant silhouettes of her children, but I can't personally think of a better gift to give mom. I know this mom would love a unique spin on pictures of her kiddlets this Mother's Day. Who am I kidding, I'll be lucky if my husband remembers and gets the kids to scribble on a card. Good thing Suzanne has a super easy to follow tutorial on her blog so I can make myself my own mother's day gift. - Jen]

DIY Giant Painted Silhouette Canvas

I think my favorite part of this entire tutorial was learning the trick about making a silhouette using a box and the flashlight app on your Smartphone: "That’s my iPhone with the flashlight app turned on, propped up against a book inside an empty box, with the silhouette clipped to the end with a clothespin. I set it on the coffee table and pulled it back until it the shadow was the right size on the canvas.."

DIY Giant Painted Silhouette Canvas


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