Tarantino vs. Spike Lee: Is 'Django Unchained' Blaxploitation?

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Editor's Note: Quentin Tarantino's new movie Django Unchained did well at the box office over the holidays, coming in second only to The Hobbit. But the film, which has been called "spaghetti Western blaxploitation", is also raising a lot of controversy, most notably with Spike Lee boycotting it. I haven't seen Django Unchained, but Michelle Parrinello-Cason did, and it's stirred up some strongly mixed feelings. Check out her post at Balancing Jane. --Grace

Django delivered on those fronts, and presented a superbly acted cast of characters that left me completely absorbed in the plot for the full length of the nearly-three-hour film. There were times I had to look away from the screen because of the pain and anguish it presented me, and there were times when I laughed and times when I cried. I watched it with the full involvement of my mind and emotions, and I think it was a wonderful film.

I'm not sure if it should have been made.

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