Do Moms with Tattoos Harm Their Children?

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I am a pierced, tattooed mom. But I'll admit something: If I'm going to a meeting at my sons' schools, I dress differently than I do around the house. I hate that I do it, but I know that my presence is a reflection on my children. I don't take out my nosering any more, because, well, I don't want to. Therese at Cece & Me! recently wrote about the journey she has gone through trying to be herself in the way she dresses as a mom and delves into the topic of how her toddler loves tattoos.

She shares some of the fears she had about her appearance as a mom:

Butterfly TattooAt some point during my pregnancy with Cecilia I had a total and utter breakdown about my appearance and how it related to being someone's mom. I had a bunch of piercings, several tattoos, I look like I am about 16 and {still} shop in the Junior's department because they are the only clothes that fit me right. The last thing I wanted was for my appearance to somehow influence Cece's life negatively, so I figured the way to remedy the situation would be to just change myself into what I thought a mom should be - mom jeans, conservative shirt, khakis, plain, unassuming, you can't judge it because its a solid color and modest cut everything. I removed my piercings, threw out all my glittery makeup, and made it a point to cover my tattoos in mixed company so that no one would hold me against her.

The whole facade worked for a little while because I was A) exhausted and B) not in the most beautiful shape, so the unassuming plain clothes look worked for me.

Photo Credit: gracewong.

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