Do Transitions End?

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Transition. It sounds like a short-term place to navigate. Yet, if you think about it, does transition really ever end? Or do we just live our lives and careers in a series of inter-connected transitions? What do you think?

I remember hopping into taxi cabs terrified that my broken portuguese wouldn’t suffice in communicating my desired location. After a few lengthy and circuitous rides around Sao Paulo, Brazil I reverted to taking the local bus. Much to the horror of my work colleagues I might add. These taxi escapades introduced me to the colorful ribbons that dangled from the rear view mirrors of almost every cab in the city. On each read the phrase, BonFim, and it’s originator the Church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim. Bonfim simply translated means, good end. If ever there was a wish for transition….

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do transitions end?

Credit Image: Leigh Harries via Flickr

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