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Sometimes we notice the need for more balance and proactively try to create it. Sometimes the realization is thrust upon us like a sack of potatoes in a way that feels like dying. See if you can related to parts of this post about realizing the need for a change.

In my head, I thought I was dying.

I nearly collapsed in a Target, standing in the express checkout in my velour pants and hoodie, gripping the unpaid-for box of Advil Cold & Sinus and the conveyor belt for physical and moral support.

I was thirsty.

I could hardly hear—the world was muffled against my congested ears’ tenderly drummed canals. My eyes throbbed—I can still feel them—a slow, pulsating ache. My head spun, a once still and colorful top now blurred in its disheveled swirl.

I (somehow) drove less than a mile to pick up my children from preschool.

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