Do You Allow Anonymous Comments on Your Blog?

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[Editor's Note: There are plenty of good reasons why someone would need to leave a comment anonymously, but I Still Hate Pickles outlines all the times you should think twice before posting that comment anonymously, especially if your point is to mock or condemn someone.  As she points out, there are very real people on the receiving end of that comment. --Mel]

The same is true of almost any comment section of a post even remotely related to politics, or even any issue with varying viewpoints. With the protection of being anonymous or typing rather than saying to someone's face, people let loose with tirades and insults and become cyber-bullies to a bunch of other people they will probably never meet. It's safe. Maybe some people like the release of being able to say whatever they want.

But what's the point?

Do you allow anonymous commenting on your blog?

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