Do You Call Your Partner Mom or Dad?

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[Editor's Note: Before I had kids, I thought it was stupid that husbands and wives referred to each other as Mom and Dad. I refused to do it for quite some time... until our oldest son referred to my husband by his first name. Standing at the stop of our steps, yelling for my husband -- by name -- I changed my tune that day. Two Tiny Blue Lines recalls thinking her husband's grandparents were silly for calling each other by such names long after their kids were grown and gone -- but now she does it too. What about you? -Jenna]

Do You Call Your Significant Other "Daddy?"

UntitledI remember watching them, a smile on my face, pondering how funny it was that even after all of these years of children out of the house, they still called each other by their roles as parents.

Part of me even wondered if that was healthy. I would shake my head in fond amusement at their lively conversations, sure that my marriage would be different, sure that I would always remember my husband for who he was without children, sure that I would never embarrass him in public by calling him “Daddy” in the store.

Fast forward nine years.

This morning I called Ben “Daddy” over breakfast.

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