Do You Know What Gangnam Style is About?

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By now, I'm sure you've heard of "Gangnam Style" the sensational YouTube video from Korean pop star Psy. The funky-tuxedoed singer has been featured on shows from Today to SNL and launched a thousand flash mobs. While Psy may be the first Asian to rocket to this level of stardom in America, Helen Lee of Urban Faith wonders if the song's social message has gotten lost in translation, leaving the pop star to be just another quirky one-hit wonder. Read on and tell us what you think...

It’s fun.

Yet with each time I see the spectacle of Psy, I feel like my soul dies just a little bit.

Surely I must be overreacting! As Psy himself says, this is a historic moment for Koreans, who have never had the chance to see one of their own experience this level of pop-culture fame and acceptance here in the U.S. Shouldn’t I, a Korean-American, be thrilled for his success and full of ethnic pride for his popularity? Or at the very least, can’t I just enjoy the song alongside his hundreds of millions of fans and try to master his moves like Britney Spears?

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