Do You Read Like a Writer?

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I am sure it's advice you've heard whether you are a writer or not -- a good writer reads a lot of books. That suggestion brings up a lot of questions for me. What books do you need to read? And how do you need to read them? Ingrid shares her observations and suggestions for how to read like a writer. - Karen

At one conference I even heard the statistic that you need to read 1000 books in your genre/market before you can really write one. That’s a LOT! But okay, I’m up for it. So, I geared up and started reading, hoping that through some magical process of quantity and osmosis I would soak in the necessary tools to write great books.

But there’s a disconnect here (for me) with the advice “Go Read.”

Sure, you’ll pick up some of the rhythms of storytelling, and you’ll get a sense of what you like and don’t like. And by NO MEANS do I want to make the impression that I think one shouldn’t read. I just didn’t understand that the advice “go read” really means:

Go read like a writer.

So, how is that any different than normal reading? And how do you learn to read like a writer?

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