Do You Respond to Comments?

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To respond to comments or not; in the comment thread or directly through email; to use your time to read more blog posts or to hold more conversations... these are the dilemmas many bloggers grapple with, including Sophisticated Dorkiness who asks what people tend to do with their comments.

Do you respond to all of your comments, taking the time to let the person know how you processed their words? Or do you instead go to their blog and read their top post and leave them a comment? Or do you not see commenting as a reciprocal act, choosing instead to comment where you wish to comment rather than feel tied to reading every blog that reads you? Do you email your response directly, or do you leave it in the comment thread below your own post?

As Sophisticated Dorkiness states,

Everyone loves to receive comments. That’s basically the single blogging truism I can think of. But do bloggers who leave comments like or expect to receive responses to those comments? I’m not sure.

Go over and read all of her questions, and then let us know how you approach comments: do you respond or simply read and return the favour with a comment on their blog?

Photo Credit: Comment Button via Shutterstock.

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