Do You Tell Little White Lies?

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Are you a liar? Sounds harsh...but if you've ever bent the truth just a little bit then you're guilty (like the rest of the human race) of throwing out a bit of BS to avoid hurting someone's feelings or feel uncomfortable. Take this litmus test of truth-telling to see if your BS just might come back to bite you.

If lying sounds harsh, let's call it "bending the truth." I know I've told someone I would consider their services at a later date when I knew I wouldn't. Because it wasn't comfortable for me to flat-out say I didn't want to work with them. Even saying "I don't think we're a good fit," is often bending the truth in these kinds of situations.

So if we know that prospects and clients lie to us, and we know that we are sometimes the client or the prospect, how about this: Are you lying to your audiences? On the one hand, we agree that people often lie to soften the blow or spare feelings. But how about the flip side of that? We lie to make ourselves look better.

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