Nike Women's Marathon & Gender Stereotypes

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(Editor's Note: What's unique about the Nike Women's Marathon is at the finish line, San Francisco firemen in tuxedos await the runners to hand them a Tiffany necklace. You read that right - women run 26.2 miles and are rewarded at the end with jewelry and a man. Would that delight or infuriate you? Courtney S from The Rabbit Hole thinks that Nike did a poor job of being subtle with their societal expectations of women.)

She writes:

Was Nike trying to make an overt political statement with the largest women's marathon in the world? Yes and no. I assume they would deny it and call it women's empowerment, but Nike is really just smacking us across the face with 'one man and one woman'. It might as well be the Rick Santorum women's marathon. It is a marketing ploy. Absolutely. Sex sells.  And there are, I assume, just as many women who run the race and think nothing of the firemen and the jewelry and would have run the race without those 'incentives', as there are women who specifically choose that marathon because of what awaits them at the finish line.  Marketing and advertising not only promote what society already desires but also what larger forces dictate that desire ought to be.

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