An Important Caregiving Tip: Ignore the Guilt

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[Editor's Note: Caregivers have to deal with a lot of "stuff" -- and sometimes that's guilt being directed at the caregiver by their aging parent. Maria at Geriatric Care Management shares memories of how her paternal grandmother used to treat her mother -- and how her mother taught her a very important lesson about guilt and caregiving. -Jenna]

Does Your Aging Parent Try to Walk All Over You?:

grandma_handsI loved my paternal grandmother, but I didn’t like her much. That’s the truth, and now that I’ve written it I’m certain that my mother will gasp when she sees these words. Not because she felt all that differently than I did, but because it isn’t nice to say.

Sorry, Mom. Sometimes Grandma wasn’t nice.

She’d grown up with a sense of entitlement that was full-blown by the time she’d reached her 80′s and it wasn’t pretty. When she’d stay with us at Christmas she insisted on having a bell at her bedside so she could summon help. On one such occasion I remember Mom running toward the bedroom some 20 feet away upon hearing the ringing. The problem? Grandma’s clock was facing the wrong way and she couldn’t tell the time.

Oh the horror…

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