Dog Food Ingredients Matter

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Many of us take such care in researching the ingredients of our food, why not the same care for our pets? In fact, they may have allergies and reactions to certain ingredients, just like we do. Also, if you check out this post, you'll be treated to a super cute video of Sullie and her adorable eating ritual:

"I was thrilled to find that within a month of switching Sullie's food that the ear infections totally cleared up. We’ve been infection-free for almost three years now. If that isn’t a testament to the importance of what you feed your dog, then I don’t know what is. I also have to share that my dad, who always preached that he’d never feed his dogs anything other than generic lamb and rice, is now feeding their rescue golden a premium dog food due to skin allergies. Sam, their dog, is much happier and less itchy now and my dad doesn’t even bat an eye at buying the food after questioning me for years."


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Image credit: nancyg48 via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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