Ambigious Advice for Raising Children... or Dogs

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Editor's Note: Have you ever heard someone compare raising dogs to parenting children and rolled your eyes? Roll no more, friends! Bailey at Let Birds Fly shared a list of dog-raising advice that can be applied to kids. Kind of. A little bit. Oh, just go laugh, would ya? -Jenna

Dogs Are Just Like Children, RIGHT?:

Ambiguous Tips for Raising Kids and/or Puppies (you choose): **

  • Crate train your little one. I guess a crib might work too. But they're the same thing; they both have bars, and your little one can't get out of either of them. They're like little jails! How neat. And if you can't afford a crib, just buy a crate!
  • Make sure you potty train your little one before they make a mess all over themselves and on the floor.
  • Is your little one whining (or crying or barking) too much? Just ignore it, they'll stop eventually.

Dog and Baby
Credit: jilbean3.

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