Dumpster Diving and 'Rescuing' Recyclables

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Editor's Note: Time for trash-y confessions all around. I mean, who hasn't pulled perfectly recyclable trash from another person's dumpster and moved in to its proper place? My guess is that if you're reading this, chances are, you're guilty too. --Heather

I’ve been known to reach into trash cans and reclaim recyclables to dispose into recycling bins. Thankfully, no one has caught me at the office. I can’t help myself. I hate to see the discarded boxes for frozen foods or aluminum cans in the trash rather than the recycle bin.

And I’m no different at home. I’m constantly taking things out of the trash – and then talking to the offending family member about what goes in the trash vs. the recycling bin – and putting them in the recycling bin. I’m not surprised my husband starts to turn away when he sees me walking toward him with a plastic produce container. I tell him, “You know this container can be recycled right?”

Recycling Bin


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