Don't Let Mommy Guilt Get You Down! Learn from It!

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Oh, the things I have Mommy Guilt about... they are too numerous to list. Even as someone who has grown into a place of acceptance with who I am as a mom, faults and all, there are things that nag at me, that poke at my fears. Alicia at Dear Baby Planner points out that while mommy guilt isn't going away for good, you can learn from it.

She gives some great tips on what you can do when you feel that mommy guilt sneaking into your heart.

Lady relaxingMommy guilt is powerful – at times it can even be painful to think about and discuss. There are some steps that seem to help when the guilt rears its ugly head:

1.) Think logically. Mommy guilt usually arises out of a situation that’s out of your control (for instance, feeling guilty about breastfeeding challenges) or an accident. It’s important to remember that these situations can’t be prevented. Accidents happen and things don’t always go as planned. It’s not logical to blame yourself for an accident that you truly didn’t mean to happen or for something that you have no control over.

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