Don't Overpack and Other Tips from a BlogHer Newbie

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Last week, we featured this post from a BlogHer Conference vet, about how to beat that overwhelmed feeling most of us have after a BlogHer conference. Between keeping up with new contacts, cashing in on your swag, and making technical changes to your blog, photos, or social media (or all of the above), we think these veteran attendee tips are spot on.

So, what about the newbies?

At BlogHer, we know that a new attendee has a totally different set of expectations, hopes, and...well, fears about the conference! And that is why we loved this post by Nikki of Days With Us. BlogHer '12 was Nikki's first BlogHer Event, and she was really able to sink her teeth in to the *entire* event -- from sessions to sponsors -- and have an amazing experience right out of the gate! I find this especially impressive since it took me, personally, a few weeks after my first BlogHer in '08 to even believe I *went* to the conference. I still haven't followed up on all of my contacts. FROM '08.

Nikki has 10 really great in-hindsight recommendations for newbies to BlogHer conferences. She tells us what she's learned about sessions, sponsors, parties, and even helps tackles the most nerve-wracking off all BlogHer conference topics...packing.

52.5 lbs. EEK!Do NOT over pack! No matter how much you think you are going to change several times in one day, you won’t. If you have to, pack and repack until you take half of what you put in your suitcase (you’ll thank me later, and believe me, you’ll be so much happier).

Hear, hear, Nikki! This chronic over-packer encourages you to read all 10 of Nikki's newbie tips on her blog, Days With Us.


Photo Credit: puptoes74.

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