Doo-Doo Economics

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We are all in deep doo-doo because financial elites and their neoliberal policymakers keep peddling lies to divert the rest of us from the fact their ruinous trade policies, tax laws, and their general rigging of the political process have all but destroyed the country.Instead of throwing all of these bastards in jail and seizing their assets, we continue to give them a forum to spew their bullshit. We are treated with 24/7 propaganda that it's all "our" fault that we don't have the "skills" to compete with third world workers who are barely literate.We KNOW there is no "skills shortage." One of the reasons these grifters, these elites, peddle this is to push for loosening up the H1B restrictions on foreign workers, thus driving the pay down even further.If they are whining about "skills," let them offer on-the-job training for America's unemployed. Businesses need to be doing it, not forcing job training on K-12 or post-secondary institutions. . . .

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