Dreamfinder Goes To MegaCon

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I'm going to continue my costume posts soon, but first I wanted to share one of my favorite parts of MegaCon this year: John's day as Dreamfinder.John dressed as Dreamfinder once before at Disney's Halloween party, but it's so dark there no one can really see your costume, plus they're a lot more timid about approaching other guests for photos. So while he got a lot of sweet compliments and reactions, John didn't seem too eager to try the costume again on a non-Disney crowd.Then, after our great first day on Friday, John surprised me by declaring maybe he *would* dress up, after all. So we scrambled to get the costume out of the garage, and I did my best to wrestle his wig & beard back into shape.And, I'm happy (but not surprised) to report that MegaCon treated John like a total rock star. . . .

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