Drunk Driving Takes a Young Life

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A teacher reminisces about a young student, yet another tragic loss to drunk driving:

"She had the weirdest sense of humor. Like 'laugh out loud and the goofiest stuff' sense of humor. She never minded asking questions before thinking about them. And then if we laughed, she laughed too. 'Mrs. Sluiter! You’re getting HUGE!' That is one of the last things I remember her saying to me back in March. 'Have a good baby!' she would say and then crack herself up. Boys were a distraction she found hilarious. Not shy, she would tell any guy he was being a dweeb. Although she would never say 'dweeb,' but she would totally laugh all hour long if she heard ME say 'dweeb'.
I don’t know what to do when these things happen."


Roadside Memorial


Image credit: runran via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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