Dumpling House (Cambridge) - a first look

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"No way" I said when I heard the news.It just couldn't be true. It seemed so ironic, so utterly unfair, yet still so exciting at the same time."I can't believe that they are opening a second location of Gourmet Dumpling House right underneath our old condo!"Yes, my friends. Imagine how I felt when I found out that one of the most popular restaurants in Chinatown - the one that always has a huge crowd outside the door - was opening a second location (called Dumpling House) in Cambridge right on the first floor of my condo - two years after I had moved out."We should have never moved" piped Bryan, who still misses the full-service concierge building and all its conveniences (he hates house stuff).Part of me almost agreed (heh, but not really. . . .

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