More Bang for Your Buck - Repurposing Baby Clothes with a Quick Pink to Blue Dye Job

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[Editor's Note: Given I did not find out what I was having for either of my children, but when I was pregnant the second time around I was hoping for another girl for hand-me-downs sake. Alas, I was instead blessed with a bouncing baby boy and buckets of pink clothes. I don't really care what color my kids wear, but I do like the idea of giving old baby clothes a fresh look with a new dye job. That is exactly what the handy moms over at Thriving Home Blog did. They share all their tips and tricks for turning pink clothes blue and beyond. - Jen]

Dyeing Baby Clothes: The Do’s and Don’ts

Many o' moms, myself included, have faced this very problem: "While we are thrilled to have a baby boy on the way, I realized that there were very few clothes I could repurpose for him. I was trying to think of some creative ways to turn girl clothing into boy clothing when the idea of dyeing the clothes came to mind. Could I take pink stuff and turn it blue? Or brown? Or green???”

Dyeing Baby Clothes: The Do’s and Don’ts


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