Dyeing Easter Eggs with Recycled Silk Ties

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[Editor's Note: Holidays are hard on the environment and Easter is no exception. Plastic eggs, plastic grass, plastic baskets –- all things that will get used once and promptly thrown away. Why not try something different this Easter, like these silk-tie-dyed eggs from Our Best Bites and help the environment a little bit? Step one: Go to the thrift store and score some ugly silk ties. Step two: Grab some eggs that you have let slip past the expiration date (you can use fresh eggs too). And Step three: Wrap and soak in vinegar. Paas ain’t got nuthin’ on these silk tie dyed eggs. The one downfall is that you can’t eat the eggs since you can never be sure what kind of dye was in the ties. However, did you know raw eggs can be composted? Yup, that is one Earth-friendly Easter egg. -- Jen]

Silk Dyed Eggs (AKA Tie Died)

Sara from Our Best Bites has some suggestions about looking for silk to dye your eggs: "I grab old ties at the thrift store where they’re usually pretty cheap. And remember: when it comes to ties, you may not want ugly ones on your man, but ugly ties do make pretty eggs! You could also use silk from an old blouse, a scarf, or whatever. So if you’re rummaging through a thrift store, check out some other areas as well."

Silk Dyed Eggs (AKA Tie Died)


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