Quick Chicken and Vegetable Stew with Cheese Biscuit Topping

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[Editor's Note: Love pot pie, but not necessarily having to make a crust for it? This alternative is the perfect solution. It comes together in a slightly less fussy, but equally comforting manner, and doesn't require as much time in the kitchen as the traditional recipe. --Genie]

easy chicken and vegetable stew with cheese biscuits

An easy version of a classic pot pie, this can be put together ahead but is simple enough to be an on-the-night thrown together meal. The 'crust' is made with a simple biscuit recipe that cooks quickly and nicely on top of the chicken and vegetable mixture. A hearty, colourful mix of vegetables makes this even more healthy and can be added to according to what you have on hand (I'm a big fan of this sort of recipe as due to changing my mind or vegetables getting used up more or less quickly than I expected I often have 'extras' that need using).

Chicken Stew With Cheddar Biscuits

Image Credit: The Taste Traveller, used by permission.

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