How To Make Edible Apple Cups

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[Editor's Note: If you're looking for a seasonally festive idea, look no further than making these adorable edible apple cups. They're not only a beverage container, they're a snack! Take it to the next level by using a cinnamon stick as a straw...but only if you're serving something that complements cinnamon's flavor. --Genie]

Edible Apple Cups

If your apple doesn’t sit level, give the bottom a clean cut, being careful not to cut a hole all the way through. Once the apple is stable on its bottom, begin carving about a quarter size circle around the top of the stem. If you start with too wide a circle, you may end up poking through the sides, making holes in your container. Starting small allows for some mistakes that can be corrected as you go.

Apple Cup

Image Credit: How Does She?, used by permission.

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