How to Edit Food Photos In Lightroom

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[Editor's Note: If you're a Lightroom user and a food photographer, check out Matt Wright's video on how he processes photos using that software before posting them on his food blog. This video arrives just in time for you to prepare your entries for International Food Photography Day, which is scheduled to take place on November 14. Read on, watch the video, and make your food photos the best they can be! --Genie]

Editing food photography in Lightroom VIDEO!

The idea here is that we want to get the overal image looking right and having the correct feel before we go in to isolated areas and make local adjustments. The beauty of Lightroom, and most other RAW editors, is that you can go back and forth with all your settings—nothing is etched in to stone, it is all adjustable without wrecking image quality. I like that.

Food Photography Setup

Image Credit: Wrightfood, used by permission.

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