Is Education Reporting Failing?

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[Editor's Note: How much do you REALLY know about the state of our public schools? Even in discussions with educated, concerned parents, I find that many people have only vague ideas of what's going on with our educational system and what needs to be done. Susan at Over the Edge writes that when it comes to education coverage, most media outlets aren't doing enough to investigate. What do you think? --Grace]

Outside of a few people like Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post and Michael Winerip of the New York Times, the latter now off the "beat," education reporting in this country is dismal, to put a good spin on it. At worst it is absolute propaganda on behalf of the "reformers."

Reporters will lie and twist facts in order to support the "reformers'" agenda, when in fact these "reformers" have no facts to back up their assertions, only the neoliberal anti-government ideology. While public schools keep rising up to the occasion and attaining the goals privatizers think they should attain, it's not good enough, so the privatizers keep moving the goal posts for "accountability" and "quality." Someday public schools WON'T hit the mark, and the ideologues will come out and say, "See! See! Our public schools are failing! Time to get rid of them!"

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