Egg-Crust Vegetarian Breakfast Pizza

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Egg-Crust Vegetarian Breakfast Pizza has a lot of pizza toppings on an eggy crust. When I posted my Egg-Crust Breakfast Pizza with Pepperoni, Olives, Mozzarella, and Tomatoes a few people asked why this was not a Frittata.  (If you're not familiar with Frittatas, they're a type of Italian omelet that's cooked partly on the stove and then finished under the broiler.)   These Breakfast Pizzas that I'm becoming infatuated with are made with just two eggs and the egg is about half cooked before the pizza topping ingredients are layered on top.  Then the Breakfast Pizza is cooked for a few minutes with a lid on and browned under the broiler so the cheese is melted and golden-brown.  There are similarities, but frittatas have much more egg in proportion to other ingredients, while the egg part of the Breakfast Pizza really is more like a "crust" with the other ingredients showing up a lot more.  This vegetarian version of a Breakfast Pizza was just as delicious as the first one, and I think this would be perfect for a Meatless Monday breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Click to continue reading . . .

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