Eggs Benedict with Bacon and Avodaise (Avocado Hollandaise)

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Avocados have to be one of my favourite foods so when I came across the idea of an avocado hollandaise sauce I just had to try it! A hollandaise sauce is a lemony sauce that is made by emulsifying eggs with a ton of butter that is decadently good but a little rich so a lighter and healthier version using avocados sounded amazing! This avocado hollandaise, I am going to call it an avodaise sauce, is a super simple mixture of pureed avocado and lemon juice along with some water to thin it to the consistency of a sauce and simply irresistible.One of the classic dishes that a hollandaise sauce is used in is eggs benedict, consisting of english muffins, ham and poached eggs in addition to the sauce, and it was the perfect dish to try the avodaise sauce on. . . .

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