Elizabeth Smart Supports Kids in Memory of Jorelys Rivera

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In December, blogger Brooke Bernard of Mamas Against Drama shared with us how the loss of Jorelys Rivera affected her town. Since then, local mom Bianca Cummings started a group called radKIDS which teaches kids to say "stop" and defend themselves against would-be attackers. At the dedication of the non-profit, Elizabeth Smart -- abducted from her bedroom in 2002 -- was in attendance and spoke. Brooke has been moved by the development of the program and Elizabeth's words.

She writes about the experience:

Elizabeth and Brooke“If I had gone through radKIDS before I was kidnapped, I can’t say I wouldn’t have been kidnapped, I can’t say I wouldn’t have gone through hell,” Smart said during her address to our community last week. “I would have known I had options. I would have known I could scream, I could hit him, I could kick him where it counts.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth after the radKIDS dedication. (Well, I mean, I stood around like a star-struck teenager waiting to shake her hand. Some may say, “stalker-ish,” but I say it was flattering. Ironically, I had closely followed Elizabeth’s story since 2002 – including her recent wedding! Being in her presence was surreal.) I wasn’t sure what I was going to say to this astounding woman, but as it quickly became my turn to speak, here’s what came out:

“Hi, Elizabeth. My name is Brooke, and I’m a local mom. I have long mommy claws, and I am really happy to learn about radKIDS and have this tool to give my kids."

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