Elle MacPherson: Spirited Howard Stern Guest or Subtle Bigot?

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[Editor's Note: Elle MacPherson's appearance on Howard Stern this morning has sparked some debate over whether or not MacPherson was out of line by taking jabs at Stern's Jewish heritage, or simply giving the shock jock a taste of his own bitter medicine. What do you think? --Morgan]

Model ELLE MACPHERSON arrives on the red carpet for the 69th annual Golden Globe Awards..(Credit Image: © ZUMAPRESS.com)

This morning on The Howard Stern Show Elle MacPherson gave a few million listeners a lesson on cultural sensitivity. I missed the beginning of the interview but I was taken aback when Howard started asking her questions about how her 14 year old son felt about her having naked photos of herself around the house. Elle MacPherson avoided the question as well as any guest can and then in frustration she said, “You sound like a Jewish psychiatrist”.

...When she felt like she was being nagged Elle MacPherson told Howard that he was sounding like a Jewish Mother and again when she wanted to insult his looks she said he was “so Jewish”.

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