Employee/Manager Relations Are Fragile

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The topic of employee/manager communications is a ripe one. Sometimes the chasm between what was intended and what was received in a conversation can be vast. Here's one such situation (see if you see yourself in this in any way...) that demonstrates the fragility of such interactions.

It’s definitely time to discuss motivating employees and properly communicating as a manager as each employee is a unique as a flower. Unfortunately, one of the days this week started with an employee venting his frustrations about the way his manager approached him with a topic. My heart went out to the guy as the information that was conveyed wasn’t exactly motivating and it was done in such a demeaning way that it just made the whole situation that much worse. It raised my eyebrow an hour later to hear that the manager thought his discussion with the employee was pleasant and that the topic that was brought up was actually not the main point of the conversation. After listening to both opinions, it’s clear to me that this was a breakdown in communication on an epic scale.

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