An Empty Nest Holiday Realization: It's Hard for All

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[Editor's Note: I won't get to spend Christmas Day with my parents this year, and I've been feeling sulky about it. And a little silly in the sulking considering that I'm 30-years-old. In reading Lisa's post at Grandma's Briefs that discusses both the empty nest side of the holidays and the adult child not able to attend festivities, I felt a little better. I'll be sulking -- guilt free! How do you -- the empty nester or the empty nestee -- deal with missing family during the holidays? -Jenna]

From Both Sides Now:

pretty blue christmas tree!Even several years into it, an empty nest can be hard to get used to. Especially during the holidays. No longer do I have play-by-play announcements from the family room of who's up next in the Thanksgiving parade as I prep the turkey in the kitchen. No longer must I search high and low for a favorite Christmas CD that's been nabbed from the holiday-music tin by a teen who wants to play it in her room or car. Nor do I have youngsters -- or teenagers -- waking up early as can be on Christmas morning, excitedly serving as the alarm that time had come for celebrations to begin.

I miss all that and more -- even the pilfered music -- that was part and parcel of a full nest. Every now and then I indulge in pity parties, bemoaning the occasional sadness Jim and I now share since our daughters have grown up, moved on.

In my self-centered, self-pitying mindset, I often, no, I pretty much always forget that my daughters face their own sadness and challenges in the growing up, the moving on. Especially during the holidays. My youngest daughter, Andrea, recently -- unintentionally -- reminded me of exactly that.

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