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It's been fifty years since the Civil Rights Act became law, but it appears it is being gradually whittled away.Hell, just look at that stupid USSC majority which has, intentionally or not, assaulted this law._____The global economy sucks big time._____There is no question the USSC has in its majority a corrupt membership completely in bed with corporate interests and will twist the law in order to further that aim. Make no mistake: The rulings on Monday are designed to wage wholesale assault against working people of various religious, racial, and sexual categories. It's that blatant.At least four of these cretins are members of the fascistic Federalist Society, the outfit that tried, unsuccessfully, to railroad President Clinton out of town during that impeachment fiasco._____Don't forget neoliberals in both political parties have waged open warfare on the rest of us._____ . . .

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