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With the world going to hell in a handbasket, I thought I'd post a few things here to read if my few readers are so inclined.I have been keeping busy with the subsidized training and pastimes. There isn't a goddamned thing I can do about the mess our politicians and others around the world are doing.Obituary: Texas governor Rick Perry's presidential ambitions, of arrogance and self-destruction.That's what you get when you become a vindictive shit--you get caught sooner or later.Perry should have been a Nevada school principal--he could have done whatever he wanted whenever he wanted, and he'd have a job for life.Instead, he's likely to wind up in the big house.Donors, and not taxpayers, will be footing the bill for his his legal defense fund.Taxpayers will still be footing the bill, Rick, when they have to support you when you spend your time in Club Fed or the state version of it._____Exploitation of a tragedy is the name of the game these days.Fanaticism is just horrible, and so is cynical playing up to public outrage.More about that horrific story is here._____And of course we have our own homegrown horror down in Missouri. It really is more about class warfare than race, and the class war is by the few against everybody else.It's just that most people still don't see they are being attacked at every opportunity."Race" is secondary to economic class. . . .

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