Even Black Women Get Postpartum Depression

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[Editor's Note: Postpartum depression is a very real and frightening thing. But what we don't always hear is how much culture and ethnicity affect new moms' perception of what's just regular "life" and when troubles are something which require professional help.

Guest blogger Addye at Postpartum Progress writes eloquently about the struggles to acknowledge postpartum depression within the African American community. --Grace]

I was told by people at church that my struggles with motherhood were either the result of my not having a family the “right” way, or just due to circumstances. “I don’t think you’re depressed. I think what you’re experiencing is normal considering your circumstances,” one of my pastors told me.

My mother told me to give it time. Told me I just needed to pull myself up by my bootstraps and everything would be fine.

Ah. Bootstraps.

You see, in the African-American community, that’s what we do.

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