Everybody Was Kung-Fu Sleeping

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Editor's Note: Less so now, but still... little feed will thump into my room in the darkness of night. The sheet will pull a little bit as a hand reaches up to find leverage. A warm body slides under the covers and cuddles up. No words spoken. Everyone goes back to sleep. Megan at Absolute Mommy shares her journey with co-sleeping, how she's come to embrace it as part of her mom-life, and how these little things, like co-sleeping, don't last forever. I want to go snuggle now. -Jenna

Everbody Was Kung-Fu Fighting {Co-Sleeping}:

I used to think that co-sleeping was the underbelly of motherhood. The black market to get your sleeping fix. As a bleary eyed mother of a six month old who slept fine in my arms, but woke the moment I laid her down, I was scared to admit that we were sleeping on the couch every night. I hated answering the question, "does she sleep through the night?", because the truth was, she in fact did, with me. Then I got some sound and sage advice from my Best Friend. She said that momma needs sleep, period. And it's no one's business how you get that sleep. Well Amen to that.

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