Everyone's Talking About the Latino Vote, But Where Are the Latino Voices?

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The Latino vote has been a hot topic this election season, but is this really translating into more clout for actual Latino voters? Not necessarily, explains political expert Viviana Hurtado, who has been advocating for more mainstream news coverage of this growing demographic. As Viviana explains at The Wise Latina Club, too often the media talks about Latinas, but doesn't include them in the conversation:

Am I happy? No and not because I’m hard to please. Unfortunately, we are largely being talked about, with only a handful of Latinos such as Maria Teresa Kumar who regularly appears on MSNBC or Maria Cardona on CNN, plus a few other elected leaders and policy analysts, giving insight. I mainly hear, read and see the usual suspects like the previously mentioned DC correspondent reporting about Hispanics but not having the depth or context to explain what this news actually means (an excellent study and infographic by the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts explains the “brown-out” or lack of Latinos on Sunday morning public affairs shows, which each week frame the political debate).

Credit Image: joebeone via Flickr

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