When to Share Thrifting with Your Kids

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My love of thrifting was born of necessity and continues for fun. In the past few years, I've tried to initiate several people into my club, but I've found thrifting requires a certain personality type. Fortunately for me, both my husband and my daughter have discovered they love the thrill of the hunt and the victory of buying an entire outfit for less than ten dollars as much as I do. But as Maya discovered, thrifting is much more fun with older kids. -Rita

Yesterday as we set off on a walk to the park she noticed a flyer on the ground by our driveway, it was a notice saying that a Goodwill truck would be in our area picking up donating items.

"Look, Mommy!" she said pointing to the Goodwill logo, "It's the everything store! When can we go back there?"

Folks, my parenting work is done.

Goodwill mannequin

Credit Image: Phillip Pesser on Flickr

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